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The Side Effect

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I feel like there are side effects for everything you say or do. For a person with mental health issues, many of us take medication, but that medication can mess up or bodies and some of us mess up our minds. When ever you introduce something into your body, there's a side effect.

Then there's people, places and things. There are place's in this world we go to so that we feel safe or to get help. In a rehab, where there's group therapy, they tell you that everything you say in group is confidential (But is it really confidential). Is it really safe? I ask this question for the many people I know who are hurting, that have been to many places where the belief was they would feel safe, yet didn't.

There are people in this world that are stuck and have no idea what to do with their lives. These people often times have been the main people that will talk behind mine and other's backs. They are the same people that would want to see you fall to the bottom and fail. And it's like it's only because they want to stay ahead of you.

Then there's this thing trust. People like counselors, mentors, or role models are people that we're supposed to be able to trust, but I've had these same professionals tell my business to my peers. That's how rumors start. It usually goes something like I heard this or this person told me that. Like have you ever questioned why a person would want to talk another person in their absence?

When you encounter people, places, and things such as these, it can make a person want to stop talking altogether and lose hope. Like there's so much more that I should talk about but why would I when there's no place to go to feel safe, or people out there just waiting to talk kick my back in when I'm not around, or there's no trust in this world. All of these things take the the will to fight and succeed.


From- The Man Under The Mask

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